Yes, or Fuseline
28 October 2018

2009      Harris Liebermann Gallery, New York

Yes, or Fuseline

Charcoal dust, powdered pigment, pastel, Bentonite clay, mica, talc, bee pollen
Dimensions variable

Charcoal dust, pigment and other powdered materials installed in expansion joints cut into a concrete floor. Colors of materials shifted to respond to colors sampled in surrounding artworks in group exhibition. Levels of materials shifted throughout exhibition as some material was disseminated through space as visitors walked through.

+ + + Details of installation views from:

+ + + No Bees, No Blueberries
at Harris Lieberman Gallery, New York.

+ + + Shown here corresponding to artworks by: (l) Blake Rayne, (r) John Baldessari, Guyton/Walker, Nikolas Gambaroff, Ann Craven