(How High) Cannibal Sit-In
1 November 2018

2018     KIN*K, BLO Ateliers, Berlin     https://kinkkino.wordpress.com/


(How High) Cannibal Sit-in

Multi-channel projection and performance
43 minutes

A revisiting of a previously unscreened video. The durational video How High, 2003, is projected in its unedited entirety while layered with a multi-channel soundtrack and second layer of projected image material performed live.

A 43-minute, open-mouthed smile quakes into a fraught grimace and back again.
A pool of saliva builds up in the mouth, eventually spilling over the chin.

An audio excision of sneaker squeaks and tennis grunts from the 2018 US Open Women’s finals between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, countered with layered blithe banter and commentary from a panel of sports pundits.

How to fold a Cardboard Box closed

Light as a Feather Stings Like A B (D.Boatwright, 2011)

Superimposed variations and multiple takes of Robert Johnson blues tracks

Carousel slide player audio

Ba Ba, Ba Ba ,Da Da, Ga Ga
(The McGurk Effect), (D.Boatwright, 2009)


Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, I Put a Spell on You: documentation of stage, television and film performances